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Jackie Strickland
Once Upon Too Many Times PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jackie Strickland   
Thursday, 21 September 2017 21:47

 Please forgive me for my website

Front of Once Upon Too Many Times Cover

Back Cover Once Upon Too Many Times 

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Once Upon Too Many Times eagerly awaited PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jackie Strickland   
Saturday, 24 June 2017 16:15

Please forgive me as I renovate my site for

Once Upon Too Many Times  

My new book has been sent to the publisher--waiting on first proof! 

If I approve, I should have copies to autograph in three weeks!!! 

I'm accepting pre-orders now. $20.00 plus $3.00 for shipping.

Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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Writer's revelation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jackie Strickland   
Sunday, 04 June 2017 17:44

In 2011 when I finished and published my memoir, Red High Heels On My Mama’s Grave, I was as wrung out as a dishrag. The book drained me emotionally, but it’s cathartic effect benefited me moe than diminishing me. I knew there was a lot more to tell as Red High Heels On My Mama’’s Grave ended in 1970, and I still had three more marriages to relay in order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity.

I couldn’t conjure up any interest in writing the rest of the story. Having lived twenty-five years happily single, I had long since  forgiven and those men in my life. But readers and fans contnued to question me, and I had hanging over me a strong sense of unfinished busness . 

In 2013, I put pen to paper and began  Once Upon Too Many Times. Although it didn’t pull at my heartstrings the way Mama’s story had done, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction  for finishing my life story.

In two years I was finished and ready to publish when a magnified, deep, dark depression crept in, settled over In me and swallowed me like a grey, dismal swamp fog. I was too depressed to cry. I felt cold and hard on the inside as the black and steel-like fingers of despair crushed my soul. Week after week, month after month as my psychiatrist, Dr. M.J. Martelli, fervently tried me on different medications and dosages, and sometimes saw me weekly in his office. I sat in my chair mute and hard faced.

I was so silent I wondered if I were catatonic. I couldn't drive myself places and Wayne had to help me. I had to stop working. Suicide was no option for me, as much as I yearned for it as I had promised my children never gain after my last attempt in 1998. Not able to entertain myself with suicide options, I had no release for my agony.

In Fall of 2016, I entered myself into a private psychiatric hospital for eight days. I came home feeling much better, but because of a terrible mistake by my pharmacy, my medication dosage was incorrect and I spiraled down again even deeper than before. By Christmas of 2016, I was hospitalized again, and after some trial and error, the doctors hit on the right medication. By January, 2017, I was writing and painting again.

In all my years of dealing with depression, this last go around has been my hardest, longest and blackest. Chemical imbalance along with age were factors. There were no circumstances in my life to contribute to it.. My words of encouragement to those suffering depression is to never give up. Keep seeing your doctor and sooner or later you will hit om the right medications. And of course, of course, stay in touch with your light-giver--God--many times a day.

I was then happy and able to continue publishing and marketing my book Once Upon Too Many Times . I continue to paint, do volunteer work and write. My newest challenge is a self help book, leaning toward those with physical or mental disabilities-- words of encouragement for the weary soul-- coming from one who has been there. Although it will be serious, I'm using a light hearted approach.

As ever, my family and friends mean everything to me. They stuck by me and prayed through my darkest days and offered words of encouragement and suggestions for better care. Without them, and this includes: Wayne, Becky, Angeline, Pat, Carolyn, Julie, Reail, Cherry, Lorraine and Sharon, I would have been lost. 



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Once Upon... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jackie Strickland   
Sunday, 04 June 2017 20:01

ONCE UPON TOO MANY TIMES--a SEQUEL TO MY MEMOIR: Red High Heels On My Mama's Grave....................

This second part of my memoir takes me through the rowdy and tumultuous highs and lows of my final three marriages. Married five times (four men--married one man twice) they all had one thing in common: A military background where each went AWOL, and had a Court Martial. Amazingly, they had few other similarities, but that was enough. Somewhere deep in my psyche, I picked the same basic type man every time. 

From my third and longest marriage (fifteen years) to the shortest, six weeks Once Upon Too Many Times  is full of heartache and angst, but brings me out the other side wiser and happier than ever.

I finally had to admit defeat in my quest for healthy relationships, and my ability to know how to  pick a suitable partner. Being successful in so many other areas of my life, it was hard to admit that defeat. More than I wanted  a man, was my determination to "get it right." Single now for twenty-five years, I've accepted that there is some broken part inside me that will never mend, but other accomplishments outweigh that sad part as I march on to the next challenge I meet knowing I will be fully prepared with my hard earned wisdom and Maturity. 

My new book is with the publisher!!! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jackie Strickland   
Friday, 02 June 2017 17:31

Once Upon Too Many Times

 the sequel to Red High Heels On My Mama's Grave is complete.

I am over the moon that my story will soon be available for my readers to enjoy. You have been a tremendous support for me, and continue to be.
I promise to start posting regularly and will be giving you sneak peeks in the coming weeks.
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